what we do...

A website is a little piece of intangible real state that you can purchase or lease on a server. Here, we can store your website. That way you can display your business on the Internet. We develop assembly and display this electronic document which is the face of your business to the world.

In today's business world a website is not a luxury item. It is truly a marketing and communication tool capable of replacing many other marketing media and the cost and coverage truly benefits your business. It can replace the Yellow pages, Newspapers ads, Local magazines, Radio ads, Local papers and TV ads. If you have a business and you do not have a website or presence on the Internet then it is like your business does not exist. The Internet is constantly changing, due to changes in technology, new software programs and applications available and new marketing needs and government requirements.

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Internet Services:

  • Reserve host
  • Domain reservation
  • E-mail services

Website Development:

  • New websites
  • Reconstruct/Update websites
  • Blogs

Shopping Cart Services:

  • Installation
  • Implementation
  • Product updates

Web Design:

  • Logos
  • Business cards
  • Brochures
  • Flyers
  • Menus (Restaurants)
  • Power point presentation
  • Videos (You Tube)

our advantages

You decide for yourself...

Today the Internet service is a real need. MARKETING & ADVERTISING. The Internet is the cheapest way to do advertising TODAY WORLDWIDE. You will receive from us a well design web site. We don't make you believe......that...?. We do not promise what we can not deliver. We earn your trust and your respect with good results!

You choose the most cost effective way...

The cost of putting off your decision of having your business on the Internet has many consequences on your income, growth potential and marketing exposure. The internet offers you the ability to communicate with potential buyers, sellers, providers, and potential partners.

You select us because we earn your trust...

We do not sell you a bunch of intangible hopes. We promise and deliver a website. We build an electronic document capable of representing your business, and products and services in the world community. We know your money does not grow on trees. And we do respect your investment and your trust in our work.


I decided to locate a website developer when I was distributing my business cards at the entrance of Home Depot one morning. One of my potential clients who was interesting in painting his house he asked me for my website. And my answer was I do not have one. I thought a website is for a big company. I am a small business owner. I found a business card at the counter of a restaurant and it was yourhostnet.com. I called them, and I did sit down with them to review the cost and why I should have my own website. They share with me some of their knowledge they have. They convinced me of the importance and value of my own website. I decided to give them my business.

Juan R. Morales, Orlando Fl. USA

One night I was watching the the nightly news and a TV ad came on the screen saying: "If you don't have your business on the Internet your business does not exist". I thought what do you mean? I am real I have my license, I am buying cars at the auction and I repair them and I selling them. I called a friend of mine and he gave me a business card of a website developer. I called them, and today I have my business on the web, thanks to yourhostnet.com

Paul Peprocky, Altamonte Springs, Fl. USA