Assembling your electronic document

Each Website is different and we do some homework to locate its content and its purpose:

Project Phase 1:

Decide on frame, images, photos, artwork, audio, video, narrative.

Project Phase 2:

Write and organize word content, statistical data, and take pictures of location.

Project Phase 3:

Select the plataform: Windows, Linux, Unix or a Cloud base environment.

Project Phase 4:

Start the Search Engine Optimization effort. Look for local market directories.

Development effort:

Project Phase 5:

If a database is required do the proper links. Place business on Google map.

Project Phase 6:

Decide on content and tailor images, videos photos suitable to be place on the internet.

Project Phase 7:

Organize materials and begin coding placing and arrenging materials in a logical way.

Project Phase 8:

Integrate the different elements in a manner that makes sense.

Implementation phase:

Project Phase 9:

Start coding and begin to create the linkage process.

Project Phase 10:

Select ISP (Internet Service Provider).

Project Phase 11:

Reserve the Domain Name.

Project Phase 12:

Set up the E-mail service provider on server site, & develop a contact form.

Quality guarantee


YOURHOSTNET is a website development organization dedicated to helping the small business owner find your place on the web. We started as a result of a need. Every business today needs a website to have a real presence on the Internet. The internet is a tool for communication between people and companies. Every business needs an address of the company, location map, phone numbers, contact forms, schedule of hours, testimonials, products, services, email(s), images, photos, videos, word content, Price(s), Credit cards, PayPal connection. We work with HTML, CSS, PHP, Photoshop, SVG, Premiere Pro. We can do this work in English or Spanish languages.